a red and white striped awning on the side of a building

About Us

About Us

At WT Marketing Pros, we have been at the forefront of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) for over 25 years. Founded in 1997 by Air Force veteran Will Hanke, our agency has earned a reputation for excellence in helping businesses across the country enhance their online presence. Over the years, we have proudly received numerous awards in Search, Consulting, and Marketing, recognizing our commitment to delivering results.

Our journey began with a passion for helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape. We’ve witnessed the transformative power of effective digital marketing, and it’s this passion that continues to drive us forward. As the digital landscape evolves, so do our strategies, ensuring that our clients remain competitive and visible in an ever-changing online world.

a yellow and blue striped awning on the side of a building
a red awning on the side of a building
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Specializing in Awning Companies


One area where we’ve truly honed our expertise is in serving awning industry. Through years of dedication and hard work, we’ve become leading specialists in running SEO and SEM campaigns tailored to this niche. Our founder, Will Hanke, along with his daughter Amber, have played pivotal roles in making this specialization a reality.

Introducing America's Best Awnings


We’re excited to introduce our latest venture, America’s Best Awnings, a directory dedicated to showcasing the finest awnings companies across the United States. Our goal is simple yet powerful: to provide a platform that helps the awning community gain greater visibility and to assist prospective customers in finding the best awning providers in their area.

At America’s Best Awnings, we believe in fostering connections between businesses and customers. We understand the importance of quality in awnings, and our directory aims to make that quality easily accessible. Whether you’re searching for blinds, shades, shutters, or awnings, our directory will help you discover the top-rated professionals near you.

Our commitment to excellence, like in our agency work, extends to this directory. We’re dedicated to curating a platform that showcases only the best in the industry. When you choose a awning professional through America’s Best Awnings, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Thank you for being a part of our journey as we continue to support the growth of awning businesses and empower customers to make informed choices. Together, we’re building a stronger, more vibrant awning community.

Explore America’s Best Awnings today and experience the excellence we stand for.

a yellow and blue striped awning on the side of a building

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